Designing Capability

Originally, Uidea Tool Tech Company Limited was a plastic injection mold engineering & consulting company. Designing and engineering are one of UTT’s strengths. UTT has a talented and experienced engineering team who has extensive knowledge about plastics and its applications using the up-to-date software technology to provide customers with product designing service, complexity mould designing & consulting service and Moldflow Analysis service.

From customer’s product concept to prototype and ultimately into final production, we work closely with our customers to understand their needs and help transform an idea to a real product in a faster and more cost-effective way.

At Uidea Tool Tech Company Limited, we own qualified designing team who are proficient in the using of multiple design software such as AutoCad, UG, Pro-E, Moldflow, Solidworks etc. We can also read numerous formats, such as STEP, DXF, IDEAS, IGES, STL etc.

UTT is regarded as the company who can develop cost-effective solutions for customers. We are especially proud of our reputation considered by our customers as excelling in the design and engineering field.

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