Injection Moulding

Injection molding is a technology used to produce plastic products in a tight deadline. If you need to builds Injection mold but you have very less time, our injection molding services are right for you.

Uidea Tool Tech Company Limited is a leading molding and design consulting company providing a wide range of services including rapid tooling, production tooling, injection moulding and assembly. With state-of-the-art production facility and a large pool of highly experienced professionals, we produce a variety of molds according to the requirements of our clients.


With vast experience in molding business and cutting-edge equipment, we produce a variety of molds to be used in a wide range of verticals such as electronics, medical, automobile, and packaging. We have carved a niche by providing quality injection mold making services.

Need to mold products in a large quantity in less time? Our rapid injection molding services are right for you. They are designed to help you build plastic molds quickly. State-of-the-art injection molding machine is used and a team of professionals highly experienced in injection molding is assigned to meet your requirement most appropriately.

Injection molds we produce are highly demanded. They are widely used in a number of verticals ranging from hospitals, packaging industries, manufacturing industries and many.

It merely matters why you want to build plastic injection molds or injection molds, we will help you build the molds that are durable, highly efficient and cost-effective.  The benefits of our plastic rapid injection molding services include:

• Unmatched quality

• Durable

• Cost-effective

• Highly efficient

• And extremely suitable for the use in a number of applications

State of the art of tooling workshop

Tooling is a crucial part of plastic injection molding. For rapid plastic injection molding, we have incorporated a cutting tooling workshop equipped with advanced machining machines. Whether you need small-size to 5 tons big-size injection molds, we are capable of building injection molds in sync with your requirements.

Exerting our long expertise coupled with the best in the class tooling machines, we are capable of building rapid prototype tooling, small to medium automotive molds, multi-cavity molds, and over mold.

But the expertise that we are best known for includes making hot runner mold, gas-assisted mold, auto-unscrewing mold and two-shot mold.

Be it die-casting cast mold, injection mold, plastic injection mold or auto unscrewing mold, the highest precision, and superior quality are what you are guaranteed of at Uidea Tool Tech Company Limited.

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