Tooling Capability

Designing and building custom plastic injection molds, rapid injection molding and rapid tooling have been the backbone of our business since our factory found in 2004. Uidea Tool Tech Company Limited’s tooling workshop is equipped with advanced machining machines which ensure UTT can build some tools with high quality standard. UTT has capability of building quality molds from precision small-size to 5 tons big-size injection molds. We are expert not only in building rapid prototype tooling, small to medium automotive molds, Rapid injection molding, Rapid tooling, multi-cavity molds, overmold but also UTT is experienced in making hot runner mold, die casting mould, gas-assisted mould, auto-unscrewing mould and two-shot mould etc.

Currently, Uidea Tool Tech Company Limited or YUSU Precision’s tooling workshop has more than 30 employees working 24 per day and 6 days per week. Every machining procedure in our mold making department has special technician responsible.

We well know DME, HASCO, MISUMI or Punch standard. Most mould bases and standard components come from LKM. Many kinds of world-wide applied mould steels are used in our production.

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